Since January of 2014, NICU Miracles has been providing support to past and present NICU families. Originally named Parents of Preemies, the organization was founded by Megan Toman, the founder of the Silver Linings Foundation, and several additional NICU parents.  As the needs of the group began to change, NICU Miracles officially joined with the Silver Linings Foundation in the summer of 2016.

The Silver Linings Foundation is proud of the impact NICU Miracles has had in not just the Bismarck, ND area, but through many states in the US Midwest, and even some in Canada. The support being provided is equally beneficial to the babies and their families. Although there are several meetings and events hosted throughout the year, social media, particularly Facebook, is the most frequently used way for families to reach out and support each other. All families that may be expecting to have a baby, do have a baby, or have had a baby admitted to the NICU are invited to join us both online and in person at public events. 

To let NICU families know that they are in our hearts and to brighten their day some, we have designed care packages that provide a little bit of sunshine on what can feel like an emotionally cloudy day.

Each NICU care package contains the following:

​- a custom travel mug

- a sample of tea from Steep Me a Cup of Tea

​- a NICU  journal containing 

    - writing prompts

    - a resource list

     - a glossary of NICU terms

- Little Loves weighted hearts

- an octopus from the NI(SEA)U Buddy Program

​- Itty Bitty Baby Beads starter kit

NICU Care Packages are available for purchase from the Silver Linings Boutique.

You can find our Etsy shop

Sponsor a package for a NICU Family

​by donating just $15

In the NICU, every day is a milestone met by these tiny babies, but we know that it can be hard to see progress when it is adding up just a little bit and another little bit at a time, The Itty Bitty Baby Beads program is a new, fun way to physically and visually show how far each baby has come.

Beads are used to spell out baby's name, keep track of how many days they have been in the NICU, and to mark all of the big milestones!

NICU Miracles

Recently, it has been suggested that babies in the NICU respond well to having a stuffed octopus nearby, while they are still in the hospital growing and getting strong enough to go home. It is believed that the tentacles on the octopus can remind baby of the umbilical cord from before they were born, so they find it familiar and comforting.

NICU Miracles has been lucky and we have had many crocheted octopus made by our volunteers for us to donate to our local NICUs. We are always happy to receive more octopus, so if you or someone you know would like to get the pattern to make them, use the contact feature and drop us a line! We will gladly get you all of the information.

Itty Bitty Baby Beads

Little Loves

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Little Loves are lightly weighted,flannel hearts designed to promote bonding between moms and dads with their baby while their baby is in the NICU. They can also help if mom chooses to breastfeed or pump. It's difficult 

to be separated, but this little bit of love to carry everywhere can help.

Moms and dads are encouraged to wear Little Loves on their person to gather their scent. Baby will also 

snuggle a Little Love in the NICU to gather baby's scent. They can be swapped and then baby and parents

wear or snuggle them until it is time to swap again.

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