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Meet the Foundation

Mina Vaughan

CoFounder - Creative Director - Community Outreach

Hi everyone, I'm Mina! I am the creative director for the Silver Linings Foundation and proud mama of a beautiful miracle baby that I was told I would never have.

My husband and I did fertility treatments with no success, until the winter of 2014 when I was diagnosed with a pituitary adenoma. It was while I was being treated at Mayo Clinic in Rochester, that I learned I was pregnant! While a welcome surprise, it was not the best physical situation. My pregnancy was difficult physically and emotionally. I suffered from Hyperemesis Gravidarium throughout my entire pregnancy, which led to daily infusions, bi-weekly hospitalizations, and two PICC lines. Despite these challenges, I had a very normal delivery with minimal complications. Our miracle baby, Olivia or Ollie for short, joined our family in December of 2015. After Ollie's birth, the stress and anxiety of the pregnancy caught up with me. I suffered from post-partum depression and PTSD from my pregnancy.

In October of 2015, my whole world changed when I met Megan and Alyse. They gave me support and encouragement throughout the remainder of my pregnancy and as I adjusted to motherhood. They showed me that through helping others, I could also help myself. Having experience with a difficult pregnancy, as well as post-partum depression and PTSD, gave me a special understanding of the feelings that other moms might have.

Their support has led me to become a proud advocate for the Silver Linings Foundation--I want to help others in the same way my doulas have helped me and countless other moms. They  helped me find my silver lining and now it's my turn to help other moms find theirs. I may not have the same training and certifications, but what I do have is ears to listen, shoulders to cry on, and arms to help carry your burden.